Psychometric Leadership Assessment Services

To support the selection of a finalist, we offer cost effective and high quality psychometric assessment services delivered by psychologists experienced in candidate assessment.

We offer an in-depth assessment option that we would recommend for executives, and an on-line option that is appropriate for managers.

Our consultant administers a range of ability tests and psychometric instruments, including Wonderlic, the Verify Verbal Critical Reasoning Test, the Verify Numerical Critical Reasoning Test, the Verify Inductive Critical Reasoning Test, the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32) and the NEO PI-R.

This service includes debriefing of candidates and client and a written report highlighting test results, candidate strengths and limitations and recommendations for their development and/or fit for the role.

For managers, we offer a quick, basic on line assessment using the Prevue Assessment tool, with an optional creation of a unique “benchmark” that allows for the assessment to be tailored to your role.