Executive Search

The ability to attract high-level talent is consistently rated as a major contributor to the success of leading organizations worldwide. Sought-after talent is often unaware or uninterested in career advertising, or remains undiscovered by traditional¬†corporate networking. Overcoming this barrier can define an organization’s current and future performance.


The executives you add to your team have the potential to significantly impact your organization’s strategic direction, culture, competitiveness, and performance. Highly qualified managers and executives often ignore career advertising, but respond favourably to an experienced executive search consultant who can engage them in an informative discussion about a new opportunity.


Feldman Daxon Partners has been locating top talent for senior executive and managerial positions on a retainer-fee basis since our firm was founded in 1991. Our unwavering set of core values and dedication to client service has allowed us to build and maintain relationships with hundreds of clients in virtually every market sector, and across Canada.


Regular communication, high quality candidate shortlists, industry knowledge, judgment and expediency in our retainer search services are all reasons Canada’s leading companies choose to partner with the professionals at Feldman Daxon.