Our outcomes-focused approach benefits both organizations and individuals.

A major differentiator of successful organizations is their ability to engage, improve, and motivate their human capital. Feldman Daxon Partners’ Coaching and Leadership/Talent Development practice delivers practical, process-based solutions that have enabled organizations across Canada to increase employee engagement to achieve results today and sustainability for the future.

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Organizations need a ROI and want to support leadership coaching initiatives. We focus on goal definition, timelines, and key checkpoints for all stakeholders to remove the “mystique” out of coaching, with our customized Define, Assess & M.O.V.E. process:


Leader interviews coaches from our team and selects coach. Kickoff meeting to clearly define coaching objectives.


Gather information through self-assessment, psychometric and organizational assessments and 360 assessment. Identify potential derailers and areas of development with a focus on aligning the leader’s capabilities with business needs. Establish development and leadership coaching goals focusing on gaps between the current and desired states.


Develop action plan for growth and impact, with one-on-one support from a dedicated anchor coach supported by our coaching team.


Experience and Fit are the Foundation

The benefits of a team of executive coaches with a variety of styles and experiences, adding more depth to our practice and “fit potential”.

Holistic Coaching Process

Our unique process of dedicating an “anchor coach” with additional Subject Matter Experts within our team of coaches provides a blend of academic training and corporate boardroom experience, and a more holistic coaching process.

Define, Assess & M.O.V.E.

Our Define, Assess & M.O.V.E. process focuses all leaders with a clearly established plan and desired outcomes.

Unrivalled Network

As Canada’s longest standing provider of executive search, career transition, and coaching/talent development services, we have an unrivalled network of internal and external Subject Matter Experts for targeted developmental and leadership coaching.

Flexible Coaching Options

Extensive one-to-one coaching onsite, at any of our offices, and/or via videoconference, augmented by unlimited telephone support.

Comprehensive Assessment Tools

Comprehensive suite of assessment tools to identify key drivers for behavioural change.

What We Offer

We recognize that a major differentiator of successful organizations is their ability to engage, develop and motivate their leaders. Feldman Daxon Partners Executive Coaching and Leadership Development program equips leaders with the skills they need to effectively navigate organizational change and lead with impact and influence.

Our practical, outcomes-focused program is based on our Define, Assess, MOVE approach with a focus on setting leaders up for success now and for the future.

Common engagements include new role integration, team leadership, communication and strategic influence, leadership and change, future leader development, developing competencies such as resilience, EQ, innovation, and agility, and board management and engagement.

Expected outcomes include enhanced leadership style, increased retention of key talent, improved team-building skills, action plan for continued improvement, increased engagement and productivity, and improved coaching and development skills.

We coach leaders to achieve their potential and maximize their performance. Our coaching program is designed in partnership with an organization to ensure leaders have support from both their coach and their organization. We coach this way because we are committed to investing in a leader’s long term growth and sustainable change.

With ongoing support from their organization and their Feldman Daxon coach, an engaged coachee can see a variety of impacts, improvements, and changes within areas including clear decision-making and goal achievement; working relationships with direct reports, manager/Board, clients, key stakeholders; team-building; key competency development; reduction in negative conflict.

Our assessment services use scientifically validated data and highly talented assessors with real world business expertise to inform an organization’s most critical needs: talent that will move business forward in an increasingly competitive global environment. Our assessors possess credentials including advanced degrees and certifications along with broad business and consulting backgrounds. This combination of scientific analysis with business experience and practical understanding of the realities of today’s fast paced working environments allows for a unique lens in the talent management process to optimize an organization’s talent, build a talent pipeline, develop leaders, and improve business results.

Our methodology is designed to be flexible in approach depending on the corporate culture, context, and demands of the business and leadership requirements. The practical application of complex instruments are translated into easy to understand language and actionable insights. Next steps and specific recommendations are clearly defined by the assessor to provide a relevant and realistic approach to integrate and apply to their talent acquisition and talent development strategy.

Using both qualitative and quantitative assessments, we measure personality style, interpersonal style, team style, critical thinking, work style, work setting preferences, motivators, and values. Our assessment tools are well researched with the highest degree of reliability and validity. Services are delivered by certified coaches with expertise in ensuring assessment results are incorporated into an action plan to set leaders up for success. Some of the assessment intruments we use include the Hogan Suite, the LEA, Everything DiSC Workplace, The Birkman Method, MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, and EQ-i.

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