Patricia Bexis, Senior Consultant

Patricia Bexis is a Senior Consultant with Feldman Daxon Partners. She proudly joined the Feldman Daxon team of consultants in 2014 after a successful history in her previous roles within HR firms across both corporate and non-profit organizations. She is a client-focused, big-picture thinker who supports internal and external clients. Patricia is passionate about connecting with HR professionals to build solutions tailored to their needs in the areas of Career Transition, Recruitment and Talent Management.

With exposure to both private and public sectors, Patricia has developed in-depth knowledge of coaching and counselling methodologies that are adaptable and applicable to diverse audiences across multiple levels.  She has successfully recruited great candidates and has paired them with organizations for long term success by thoroughly understanding the needs of the client and background of all candidates.

As a Birkman Certified practitioner, Patricia works with transitioning individuals not only to provide valuable insight but to also support the development process.  Patricia holds a Career Work Counselling designation from George Brown College and is currently in the final stages of completing a Bachelor of Professional Arts degree with a major in Communications.