Coaching & Leadership Development

A major differentiator of successful organizations is their ability to engage, improve and motivate their human capital. Feldman Daxon Partners’ Coaching and Talent Development practice delivers practical, process-based solutions that have enabled organizations across Canada to increase employee engagement to achieve results today and sustainability for the future.


Organizations need a ROI and want to support coaching initiatives. We focus on goal definition, timelines and key checkpoints for all stakeholders to remove the “mystique” out of coaching, with our customized Define, Assess and M-O-V-E process:


Leader interviews coaches from our team and selects coach.
Kick off meeting to clearly define coaching objectives.


Gather information through self-assessment, psychometric and organizational assessments and 360 Assessment. Identify potential derailers and areas of development with a focus on aligning the leader’s capabilities with business needs

Establish coaching goals focusing on gaps between the current and desired states


Develop action plan for growth and impact, with one-on-one support from a dedicated anchor coach supported by our coaching team