By Gord Brandt, Senior Consultant

Historically, once the summer starts, hiring slows down. People take vacations, hiring managers are away, HR professionals managing the recruitment process head to the cottage, followed by other critical people involved in the hiring process. So it may seem nearly impossible to get things done or even initiate a job search. But this might not be the case for the Summer of 2021.

Forbes is predicting an upcoming “great resignation,” which suggests that nearly everyone will start looking for a new job as we emerge from the pandemic after a job market slow down which began in March 2020, nearly 1.5 years ago. The economy is currently doing remarkably well and there are signs that the job market is heating up.

Companies are finalizing their return-to-work models as the worst of the pandemic starts to look distant and hazy. Our eyes are on the future, and it is quite likely that the job market will dramatically improve, with many interesting opportunities opening up across the broader economy; the private sector and the public sector, hospitality, retail, entertainment, and the travel industries, to name just a few.

This summer, if vaccinations continue to progress and as people emerge from their Covid-19 bubbles, economists surveyed by Bloomberg are predicting above-average economic growth with commensurate growth in the job market. Some are even expecting a kind of “roaring 20s” phenomenon.

So, with most of us still working remotely, this summer is indeed a great time to look for work. Engage your network by reaching out to your connections on LinkedIn and keep a close eye on the increasing number of job postings on both LinkedIn and Indeed. Ensure that your resume is updated, and actively take on the summer months to seek out that next great career opportunity. Remember the old expression: the seeds you sow in the summer will bear fruit in the fall.