By Salina Williams, Senior Consultant

Last week, Feldman Daxon hosted another in our series of HR Think Tanks with over 75 HR leaders from various sectors to discuss what organizations are doing to equip and support leaders as they manage remotely in this new normal of the pandemic.

Our guests contributed insightful and engaging commentary, including some of these highlights:

Many of our guests cited success stories and benefits of working remotely, including:

Despite the many positives of ongoing remote work, there do remain some challenges, including:

As organizations consider the future, discussions remain as to whether or not remote work will continue once the pandemic is over, and if so, what will that look like. Some companies have formed official re-opening committees and others are working to renovate existing spaces that are collaborative and digital-first in approach and design. Most leaders agree that providing employees with options regarding a return to office seems to be the best approach as a recent survey indicated 70% of employees wanted to continue to work remotely. A hybrid model of balancing working remotely with days in the office seems to be a popular choice for the future for many organizations.

Leaders are still focused on how workplaces will change and how to communicate this to their employees. So much remains up in the air as many organizations have no set dates for changes to occur. Leaders are also finding this time in limbo to be beneficial for focusing on initiatives that were set aside at the beginning of the pandemic. Two key future-leaning trends are offering learning and development opportunities for leaders on managing and leading through change, along with continuing to find new ways to communicate, connect, and work collaboratively in the virtual workplace.

This was a great opportunity to gain valuable insight into ongoing trends, challenges, and success stories as we are into the second year of pandemic life. Now that there is a light at the end of the tunnel regarding reopening business and a return to pre-pandemic work life, we look forward to meeting with HR leaders again to discuss their evolving plans and leadership success.