By Salina Williams, Senior Consultant

On February 25, 2021 Feldman Daxon Partners hosted four simultaneous webinars with over 80 HR professionals from 10 industry sectors, responsible for over 250,000 employees in Canada. These dynamic groups shared multiple responses, program designs, and HR driven strategic changes instituted over the last year.

Discussions highlighted how crisis intervention strategies have transformed workplaces, and how many of these changes will permanently reshape organizations. Major themes that ran through these conversations included:

Health and Wellness:

Return to Office:

Working Remotely:

The Digital Shift:

The pandemic has acted as an accelerator for strategic transformation of the workplace. Many leaders, previously opposed to employees working remotely, have had a shift in mindset. Growth and opportunities to learn are being presented every day as leaders are required to flex with the changes the pandemic brings. Being agile, resilient, and optimistic, while at the same time focusing on mental and physical health, has never been more important.